Internet Service

Business Class Service

Business Class Service

Reliable business class service for businesses and remote workers that can’t afford to be without connectivity

We understand that every minute of downtime can mean lost revenue that you can’t get back. This is the case and is particularly important in a tourism driven region and economy. That’s why we’ve built our network to overcome issues common to our area to maintain connectivity during weather related utility outages, peak visitor and usage periods, and even major regional internet outages. Virtually all modern services, including telephone, television, video surveillance, and even emergency services, are now passed through IP networks and your internet connection. Do you really want to rely on a network of overhead wires woven through thousands of trees to deliver your service?

Local Support and Service

No truck rolls from Reno or Sacramento, our techs live and breathe South Lake Tahoe every day. We take pride in on our focus on the South Shore community and are focused on providing high quality service to local South Shore businesses day in and day out.

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Low Latency – Better Upload Speeds

We provide low latency, low jitter service ideal for latency sensitive applications such as VOIP and zoom calls. Our service also provides better balanced upload to download ratios than cable or DSL systems, allowing for better performance with  upload heavy applications such as zoom, cloud backups, and remote camera/surveillance viewing. It really outshines cable systems when you need a number of concurrent streams/session running on the network at the same time, such as a hotel or office space. We provide professional class service designed with professional services in mind.

Redundant connections

Access to our network means access to multiple geographically redundant dedicated fiber paths. That enables our network to stay up even in a major regional outage, which can sometimes affect multiple major ISPs in the area at once. Our main transmission sites are on automatic generator systems, so in most cases you can run your internet service with a generator on your site in the case of major regional power outages. You can literally cut the cord and operate your services without any reliance on overhead wires. Even if only needed for a few days, you don’t realize how much you need this until you do.  

Redundant connection