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Serving South Lake Tahoe with reliable high speed internet service since 2009.

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Weather or not, know that you have local support dedicated to making sure your internet works no matter what. Our community is our only focus, and we have been supporting critical internet and network services right here for over two decades. We know what is required to ensure critical services stay up.


Reliable low latency internet service

Built in redundancies to provide reliable service when other major carriers go down.
Trusted by many of South Lake Tahoe’s most essential businesses for over a decade. Proven reliability.

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Trusted by the SLT business community for over a decade

South Tahoe Internet has been providing reliable high speed internet service to South Tahoe businesses for over a decade. Some of the most critical and successful businesses in town have trusted us for years to ensure their business runs smoothly 24/7.

Proven Reliability

Local 24/7 service and support

Locally owned and operated

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Client Testimonials

We have not experienced any major outages in 8 years because they provide 24/7 monitoring and support.  This has been critical to our success, to remain open for business, and keep our customers happy

- Danny Scott

Director Of Operations, Base Camp Pizza & Azul Latin Kitchen

At the Powder House we couldn’t be happier with the South Tahoe Internet. In the past with our old internet service we would experience outages on a weekly basis and it would cause chaos in our stores. Operating 10 locations, it is paramount that we are always online so we can provide our customers with a smooth experience.

- Casey Buckley

GM, Powder House Ski & Snowboard