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Proudly serving the South Shore since 2009 

We Are South Shore

South Tahoe Internet and it's sister company, Tahoe Technology Solutions have been focused on providing high quality, business class internet service to the South Tahoe community since 2009. We have amassed a long list of happy customers that appreciate our reliability and responsiveness in that time.

We are focused only on the South Lake Tahoe community. We pride ourselves in being the only provider in town to be able to say we provide service and support from 100% local techs that live and work in South Tahoe every day.

The South Tahoe area has unique challenges with reliable connectivity, including frequent major internet and power outages. Our service is designed to overcome these common issues and provide more reliable connectivity 365 days a year, even in the most challenging weather and conditions.

With over 20 years of experience managing and supporting internet access for companies large and small, our network and connectivity is designed with one goal in mind. Keep our South Tahoe customers up and running 24/7.

We understand the mindset of high demand businesses. We know that even a few minutes of downtime can mean lost revenue that you can’t get back. We have years of experience supporting businesses in a tourism driven area and our network exists to provide a better level of reliability to businesses that need it.